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1. Registration Fee Standard




2. Payment Way

(1) For early-bird (before 30th Apr.) and normal registration (after 30th Apr.)

The registration fee needs to be paid through bank account transfer. The bank account transfer information is shown in the following table.



※For the bank account transfer, please give clear indication of "DyCoSS2018", and also the name of the author.


(2) For on-site registration

The swiping-card service (Master/Visa) is provided from 20th to 23th May 2018. Paying by cash is also welcome.


3. Registration Procedure

(1) Do the online registration by clicking the following link "Registration" and fill the blanks. Please finish this before 30th Apr. 2018.

(2) The online registration system will be closed after 30th Apr. 2018. If you have further questions, please contact us by email.


For Chinese authors:


1. 注册费标准



2. 注册方式










3. 注册流程

(1)点击下面的“ 注册”按钮进行网上注册,截止日期为2018年4月30日;





International Academy of Astronautics