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Astrus and Salut hotels are both situated within easy reach of RUDN University, the venue of DyCoSS 2017. If you are interested in staying at these hotels with a special discount available to DyCoSS participants, please, send a notification to eng_int(at) with the following information:

•    The room and bed category you selected. Please refer to and for pricing and room options.
•    Number of guests per each room you would like to book.
•    Full names for all guests per each room.
•    Check-in date.
•    Check-out date.
•    ID of your paper(s).

In the e-mail subject line please type “DyCoSS id XX Accommodation”, where XX is the ID Number of your DyCoSS submission(s).
To become eligible for the discount, please, send the notification letter by 10 May 2017. If after notifying us of choosing Astrus or Salut hotels you should decide to reconsider your accommodation arrangements, please, kindly inform us about this decision before the said date.

As another close option, we also suggest Prince Park Hotel situated within two subway stations from the venue.
If you choose Prince Park Hotel for your accommodation during DyCoSS’ 2017, please, proceed with the regular booking procedure at their web-site
Please, kindly notify the Organizing Committee at eng_int(at) if you decide to stay at this hotel.


During DyCoSS’ 2017 bus transfers between Salut and Astrus Hotels and the Conference venue will be implemented. After technical programs, transfers back to the Hotels and to social events will be available.
The bus schedule is currently under development. All updates will be posted on this page.


To view nearby hotels at Google Maps, please, follow the link.

If you decide to book your own hotel accommodation, please do not forget to register for the meeting.

International Academy of Astronautics